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Do you purchase often throughout the month?

Do you have multiple persons ordering?

Can you spend over $500 per month?

Don't want an account? No problem, if you prefer, you can fill out the form and tick "Cash Customer" account. We will then have all your details when you order. We can also view your historic sales, pricing etc.


Our Trading Accounts customers benefit from;


  • Having up to 60 days to pay from purchase date*

  • Speeding up the order process and paying later


  • EFT and Credit Cards accepted for account payment**


  • Make part payments to reduce the balance up until the due date***. Can be a convenient way to manage your cash flow. Send us some money as you receive it. Full balance due on due date.

  • Quick and easy, most applications are usually processed within 24 hours


Simply complete the form attached below and return via email. Alternatively, contact us and we can email you a copy.





Important  To continue to receive the benefits associated with an account, all we require is to be paid on time, everytime. If accounts are not paid on time the account facility may be withdrawn and the customer will be moved to a prepaid arrangement. Recovery/ legal action will be taken for non-payment. However, we pride ourselves on communication. Rest assured, we will issue a reminder and make contact in case of oversight.

Also, please review our conditions of sale prior to ordering. Upon payment of your order and/ or placing an order verbally, by text or email, you are agreeing to Inox Fasteners "Conditions of Sale"

*Eg: if you purchase on the first of the month then payment would be due by the 30th of the following month, 60 days.

**Visa and MasterCard accepted only. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments are also welcomed. Cheques are NOT accepted.

***Part Payments are accepted up until due date.

Balance of account due in full by the 30th of the month.